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“Through the expertise and dedicated work of eVietGlobal LLC, they’ve successfully supported us to raise our market share through digital. We are very impressed with their service, and also experienced an increase in our website traffic and direct online customers.”

Adele Tan,
Sales & Marketing Manager



FreshKon is a leading cosmetic lens brand. From vision correction to fashion must-haves, this brand provides a wide range of cosmetic contact lenses that caters to the desires and needs of modern individuals, with a belief that fashion should be a way of life.



Prior to 2015, FreshKon would primarily advertise on traditional channels such as television and bus banners.

While they thought this would help them expand reach, they soon came to realize that their traditional marketing techniques were rather ineffective.

They were not targeting specific audience segments and what’s more, it was getting incredibly difficult to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns. That’s when they decided to shift gears and bring eVietGlobal LLC onboard.


We started working with FreshKon in 2015, with an objective to increase brand awareness and reach. On evaluating their existing campaigns, we identified the lack of a robust digital strategy.

Considering their industry and target audience, the first thing we did was boost their presence on social media. We created social media content to increase reach and engagement. From educational posts and trivia to fun contests and quizzes – we introduced a mix of interesting content on their social media platforms.

Apart from reviving their social media presence, we also identified target keywords such as ‘contact lenses ’ and created high-quality, SEO-centric content around them to help their website rank better and drive organic traffic.


In just one year of working together, we were able to increase awareness and reach which was reflected in their social media fan following, engagement rate, and website traffic.

Their Facebook page saw a 3x boost in fan following and a 68x increase in engagement rate. That’s not all, our SEO efforts also resulted in a 187% increase in organic traffic.

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